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The ICON condo is just as unique as the privileged individuals who own a unit or penthouse in the stylish residential building.  When it comes time to sell your ICON unit, our team of real estate professionals are highly experienced in assisting owners with the sale of their ICON condo home.

We understand that there are multiple reasons why you would want to sell.  We always take the time to full comprehend your individual situation before developing a customized solution for selling your unit.

Selling an ICON condominium unit requires making use of the latest market leading strategies to ensure your property is achieving its maximum exposure as well as determining a competitive price. This is why we use both the global reach of the Internet and our clients in addition to traditional mediums like brochures, newspapers, trade publications and the robust MLS system.

Rest assured that we will help you understand and properly take care of all the paperwork associated with the sale of your ICON unit.

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