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Monday, February 14, 2011

Two thousand ten may have gone out with a whimper than a hurrah, at least where existing Florida home sales are concerned.  Condos on the other hand saw a considerable bump, especially in the Miami area which also includes Miami Beach condos.

Speaking of Miami, it was actually one of the few cities that did see gains in single family homes but again, the biggest jump was condos which saw a healthy bump of 38 percent during the fourth quarter 2,781 from 2,022.  Steep discounts for properties similar to ICON Miami Beach contributed to a nearly thirty percent decline in median prices.  Miami condos now stand at about $103,500 from $145,400.

Looking at condo sales on a broader scale, condo sales experienced a small increase of six percent but also saw significant median price declines  to $84,400 from $105,600.  In a market like Miami Beach condos that's so unpredictable, where do you think things are headed as the year progresses?

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You or may not have considered living at ICON Miami Beach at some point and your decision may or may not have been swayed by the recent homebuying tax credit that has since expired.  Assuming you did purchase at the ICON recently, you may also be at some stage of reaching the closing.  And, if you know anything about the credit deadlines, there’s a chance you’re racing to have your transaction closed by the end of this month.

If you are one of those people in that situation, you might find yourself not having to hustle quite as much, at least not if lawmakers have their way.  They, along with the National Association of Realtors and a number of lenders swamped with contracts are pushing to have the closing deadline extended by three additional months until September 30th.  While nothing is set in stone just yet, if you’re trying to buy an ICON condo unit you might appreciate this bit of news.

Should you be inclined to buy at ICON South Beach, you should know that this extension will not actually apply towards buying.  In other words if you don’t already have a contract signed then you’re still too late to snag those $8,000 dollars.  On the other hand, if you’re worried about meeting the deadline then you now may have some room to breathe.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Over 80,000 people live in Miami Beach, many of who reside in one of the many residential buildings like the ICON condo.  It’s safe to say that one of the reasons why they chose to live there was because of the energetic nightlife, a nightlife that may have become a little more subdued ever since the city and local businesses were affected by the recession.

This isn’t to say that ICON South Beach and the city it dwells in has become a bore, far from it actually.  As businesses slowly recover, there needs to be some kind of incentive to spur more activity and strengthen business.  This is where The Miami Beach IN Card comes in.

The IN card isn’t new; it’s been around for some time as a promotional card which allows discounts at local businesses.  However the newly revamped and redesigned card is meant to convey exclusivity and style, something most people living in ICON Miami Beach are already well aware of.  The new card is also much more cost effective and can be tracked, just a few of the enhancements that may prove effective in boosting local businesses among those who have the privilege of owning one.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Have you ever been to The Forge restaurant in Miami Beach?  If you live in Miami Beach condos like ICON or anywhere in the city you’ve probably been to the classic hotspot at some point as it been around for ages.  But that was probably in The Forge’s old incarnation as it’s now all new and improved and is welcoming new diners ready to enjoy the restaurant’s unique dining experience.

The Forge officially marked its 40th year of existence in 2009 and to start things off fresh, the restaurant closed its doors and has just recently opened to the public once again.  The complete revamp features a brand new look geared heavily towards promoting a scenic and social atmosphere, assuming you aren’t having a meal in “The Board Room “, otherwise known as the private dining area.  If you plan on visiting from the ICON condo, definitely check out the American cuisine that comes courtesy of the same chef who prepared meals for fashion designer Donatella Versace.

Besides the restaurant, The Forge also has a popular wine bar.  The restaurant’s address is at 432 41st Street in Miami Beach which is barely ten minutes to the north from ICON Miami Beach.  It’s definitely another place worth checking out on a weekend if you want to diversify your palate.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

We could list here the number of reasons for visiting or staying in South Florida but in this instance we’ll focus on its appeal to golfing enthusiasts.  In addition to great places to call home like the ICON condo in Miami Beach, South Florida tends to be very friendly when it comes to activities for avid golfers.

Speaking of ICON Miami Beach, not far from the building is the classic Miami Beach Golf Club.  This sprawling course has been around since the 1920s but received a massive $10 million dollar facelift making it all new again.  Today the Miami Beach Golf Club offers several challenging holes as well as a restaurant and pro shop you can use after you’ve tested your swing on the course itself.  Over in Key Biscayne you’ll find the expansive Crandon Golf Course, also known as the onetime home of the Champions Tour event.

If a permanent home at ICON South Beach sounds unappealing or inconvenient, you can always choose one of the Miami Beach hotels like the modern and very popular Delano.  Visit on any weekend evening after you’ve enjoyed your game of golf and you’ll get to meet quite an interesting collection of locals and tourists, some of who may be avid golfers themselves.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

With its sunny beaches, celebrity frequented condos like ICON South Beach and thriving nightlife, the appeal of Mimi and Miami Beach is easily understood.  Yet despite this appeal and its penchant for being a celebrity hangout and a frequent backdrop, Miami does not compare to Los Angeles.

And that’s a good thing.

Miami manages to offer the glitz and glam without succumbing to the pressure that celebrities feel when in Los Angeles.  There’s no paparazzi tracking a person’s every move or staked outside their home, whether that home is a waterfront residence or a unit at a building like the ICON condo.  A neighborhood like Star Island that is well known for its celebrity denizens remain undisturbed and even today the largely relaxed vibe has gained lots of favor.

Interestingly enough, this image that Miami has cultivated is at least partially due to the arrival of celebrities.   Gianni Versace and entertainer Madonna are two of many who managed to reinforce Miami Beach’s image as a sophisticated hangout, adding to the appeal of current hotspots like ICON Miami Beach and its neighbors yet to this day the city is well known for its climate and heavy emphasis on culture.  Miami may never become the apex of entertainment like Los Angeles but that’s okay, most of us prefer it that way.

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